Snap! Mobile

Art Director, Design + Motion @ Robin
Jan 2022 — Feb 2023

Creative Director: Brendan Bilko
Lead Designer + Illustrations: James Amoros
Motion Design: Gage Lozano
Copywriter: Brendan Bilko

Snap! Mobile, one of the largest high school fundraising platforms in the country, had a problem. Through their growth, they began operating in other avenues of high school sports, from spirit wear to teacher-family communication, and needed to unify their branding. Enter Robin. We decided to keep Snap! as the overarching brand, while each product lives under that umbrella: Snap! Store for producing and selling spirit wear, Snap! Connect for teacher-family communication, and a variety of others.

In our research, we found that one of the driving forces behind Snap!’s success was the human touch they bring to every one of their products. No matter how you’re using them, human-centric support is only a single click away. In keeping with the thought of that human touch, we developed an illustration system focused on the human hand. Between handshakes, payments, saving money, and communication, there is very little the Snap! hand doesn’t touch. The rebrand premiered during the 2022 NFL season, with a takeover of the banner boards, jumbotron, and concourse screens at multiple Dallas Cowboys home games.

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