Dodgers 365

Art Director + Design @ Robin
Jan 2022 — Apr 2024

Creative Directors: Brendan Bilko, Dan Buyanovsky
Lead Designer + Illustration: James Amoros
Lead Product Designer: Marco Fernández
Copywriter: Yoni Yardeni
Photography: Stephen Denton

The Dodgers approached the Robin team with a challenge: baseball is played at Dodger Stadium 81 days out of the year, leaving 284 days of opportunity. Dodgers 365 quickly became about more than baseball, bringing the spirit of the Dodgers to events large and small. Working closely with the Dodgers and their events team, the Robin team and I created a robust branding system, website, and social assets that pay homage to the mid-century wonder that is Dodger Stadium.

With such a storied history and reputation, I wanted to reinforce the connection between Dodgers 365 and Dodger Stadium itself. Referring to historic imagery from the Dodger archives as well as signage throughout Dodger Stadium, the Robin team looked to the past to inform the future. Through the use of colors found throughout Dodger Stadium, a clean, modern illustration style, and Futura as a supporting typeface, we developed an identity that is referential to the history of Dodger Stadium while not feeling too dated or retro.

Since the launch of Dodgers 365, it has been nominated for a Webby in Websites and Mobile Sites - Sports, as well as winning USA Today’s #1 Stadium Tour in the MLB.

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