Art Director + Design @ Robin
Mar 2023 — Mar 2024

Creative Director: Brendan Bilko
Lead Designer: Leandro Villalba
Lead Product Designer: Marco Fernández
Designer + 3D: James Amoros
Copywriter: Yoni Yardeni

Sabermetrics have officially taken over baseball and softball, and no one knew that better than the team behind BaseballCloud, SoftballCloud, and Yakkertech. With their robust hardware and in-depth tracking software, several Major League franchises and college teams have already adopted these next-gen products. However, customers and press alike were frequently misunderstanding the connection between each. Robin was brought in for a brand restructuring that brought all products under one roof: Magnus. Named after the Magnus effect that causes your slider to slide and curveball to drop, Robin got to work building out a new brand family.

A set of complementary logos was designed for each product that referred back to the original Magnus logo, allowing each product to live separately but still be easily identified as a Magnus product. The Robin product team also dove into an entire website redesign for Magnus and its products, streamlining the user journey by showing all products and how they’re used in a single place.

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