Diamond Kinetics

Art Director + Design @ Robin
Jan 2022 — Jan 2023

Creative Director: Brendan Bilko
Lead Designer + 3D: James Amoros
Copywriter: Brendan Bilko

Diamond Kinetics had cracked the baseball and softball analytics code: make it easy to understand, start kids off early, and most importantly, make it fun. The Diamond Kinetics team had done a great job setting up the foundation, with weekly challenges and and virtual games using their app and hardware. However, they needed help revamping their app and in-app visuals to appeal to the next generation of ball players.

Robin spent 6 months working hand-in-hand with the DK team to create a team of customizable 3D avatars that expanded the brand's reach and advanced its vision forward, toward a future that fused fun and performance for children of all ages. Each avatar can be customized by the player: colors can be tweaked to reflect the users favorite MLB team, accessories can be unlocked, and backgrounds can be changed. We also established more prominent, energetic type, color, and photo treatments, which can be seen throughout the DK app, website, and social media.

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