Religion of Sports

Art Director, Design + Motion @ Robin
Oct 2021 — Mar 2023

Creative Director: Brendan Bilko
Lead Designer: James Amoros
Copywriter: Brendan Bilko

Religion of Sports, founded by superstars Tom Brady, Michael Strahan, and filmmaker Gotham Chopra, aims to elevate sports storytelling to new heights. Following a series of successful podcasts and documentaries, ROS sought to build on this momentum with a cohesive rebrand that would unify all their productions under a single, compelling identity.

Inspired by the strength and stability of a shield, we crafted a brand that exudes authority and approachability. The ROS brand is dedicated to the athlete, their narrative, and the profound impact of sports on lives globally. Our contributions included designs for Tom Brady’s documentary Man in the Arena, creating social media visuals and motion graphics for Simone Biles’ Simone Vs. Herself, and producing podcast artwork for multiple ROS series, including the Ambies-nominated Rough Housing.

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