Dom of all (design) trades.
Master of none.

Hi! I’m Dom, an art director, designer, illustrator, and animator. Born in a tiny town south of Buffalo, grew up in Williamsburg, Virgina, and receieved my BFA of Graphic Design at VCU in 2011.

I was one of the first 30 employees at tumblr, becoming designer #3 in 2012. After 3.5 years at tumblr, it was time to leave and I pursued freelance work, working for clients such as Airbnb, Gimlet Media, Homejoy, and various political campaigns around the US.

I joined betaworks in 2014 as their lead designer, while also floating between the various startups betaworks had invested in and functioning as their creative departments. I’ve worked on everything from creating new brands, to setting up and shooting promos. I left after 4 years, deciding it was time to seek opportunities elsewhere.

I’m not currently looking for freelance or full-time work, but feel free to reach out to me at dom@dominicbutchello.com or on twitter at @dombutchello.

Dominic Butchello 2020 — Brooklyn, New York