Hi! I’m Dom, an art director, designer, illustrator, and animator. Born in a tiny town south of Buffalo, grown in Williamsburg, Virgina, and educated with BFA of Graphic Design at VCU in 2011.

After graduating, I was designer #3 at Tumblr in 2012. While at Tumblr, I focused mainly on communication design, ranging from merchandise, GIFs, and animation, to fliers and branding for Tumblr-sponsored events.

After 3.5 amazing years at Tumblr, I left to pursue freelance work, working for clients such as Airbnb, Gimlet Media, Homejoy, and various political campaigns around the US.

I joined betaworks in 2014 as their lead designer, handling all things betaworks,  while also functioning as the creative team between the various startups betaworks invested in and functioning as their creative departments.

Tides changed in 2017, and I became a member of the founding team of betaworks studios, a co-working/educational space for tech leaders. At studios, I developed the initial design system, influencing all design, photography, and graphics.

In 2019, I joined OnePlus as their first designer for the North America region. While at OnePlus, I helped build the creative team, as well as designing everything you think of, from multiple phone launches to social media images and everything in-between.

©Dominic Butchello 2021
Brooklyn, NY